Friday, December 16, 2016

Sort Of Expensive Christmas Presents

            Greetings and Merry Christmas, ye loyal readers. As the blessed holiday is but days away, I see it fit to bestow upon you all some gifts that only a financially-stunted writer can afford. To begin (sorry about the lack of wrapping paper)…
I’ve racked my brain for the better part of five minutes to come up with these gems for your writing edification, so pull up that empty document and prepare to be inspired.

-          Mankind has established thriving colonies in space. Obviously, Santa Claus is going to need an upgrade. Write something (carol, bedtime story, epic novel, etc.) about St. Nick in the intergalactic future. I imagine a reindeer-powered wormhole drive, an obscure ice planet base, and Santa’s entrance through your home’s ventilation system will come into play.
-          While we’re still here, though, why is Santa at the North Pole? Give a rousing account of the deadly Penguin Wars.
-          Reindeer are transportation at the North Pole, but polar bears are obviously the security force. We have Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, so now we obviously need ( name ) the ( something something ) Polar Bear. It practically writes itself.
-          Pseudo-scientific reasons for reindeer flight. Go.

Let’s face it, the obvious fact that you’re still reading this means you aren’t writing anything yet. Very well, I’ll have to deploy the second part of my gift:
The following music is part of the Ambient Cyberpunk playlist that I like to listen to when I’m writing—and I’m listening to it right now. I strongly recommend it for every sci-fi scrivener out there who needs some background noise when at work. Considering the number of songs here…this gift is VERY expensive (all the songs are available on ITunes, FYI). Albums are bold/underlined, and their songs will be underneath the respective albums in bullet points. Some of my favorites will have links directly to the song on YouTube. Clear? Didn’t think so.

Invisible, Inc. by Jason Garner & Vince de Vera
·         Intro
·         Map Ambient
·         Map Main
·         Factory to Market Wholesalers
·         Kelfried & Odin Weapons Foundry
·         Sankaku Heavy Industries
·         Plastech Cybermedical
·         OMNI
·         OG Track
·         Trailer
·         DR Style (Shopcat Remix)
·         Credits

Iron Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Ramin Djawadi
·         Mark II

National Treasure by Trevor Rabin
·         National Treasure Suite

Portal Stories: Mel Soundtrack by Harry Callaghan
·         Interfacing
·         The Spheres
·         Waking Up To Science
·         Testing Begins
·         Out Of Order
·         Acceleration
·         The Junkyard Offices
·         The Junkyards
·         Welcome To The Future
·         Long Way Down
·         Transitional Period
·         Natural Light
·         Troubled Water
·         Testing With Nature
·         Decades Of Science
·         The Best The World Had To Offer
·         Mel’s Story
·         Troubled Water [Trailer Theme]
·         Adjacency [menu]

TRON: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Daft Punk
·         The Son of Flynn
·         Armory
·         Rinzler
·         The Game Has Changed
·         Adagio for TRON
·         End of Line
·         Derezzed
·         Solar Sailer
·         TRON Legacy (End Titles)
·         Father and Son

There you have it: now you know what music to listen to (or avoid) while writing science fiction stuff. Now get back to the writing prompts; I didn’t put them up there for just myself. When you’re done, if you want, you can send me whatever you wrote to the email address under the “Contact” section—I do like to see what people have written (No, I won’t use the stories myself, and yes, your name and information will remain private). Happy writing, and again, Merry Christmas!

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