Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Something Got Published!

Hello everyone! Yes, I am slightly early, but I do have a bit of news: "Cognito, Ergo Sum" has finally been published by Daily Science Fiction!

Well, it was published yesterday, but my wi-fi was having its own miniature robot uprising at the time, so this update got delayed. If you go to DSF now, my work will not be there to greet you.

I have the next best thing, though--a direct link to the archived story itself on DSF! So if you click here or on the link on my "Published Works" page on this blog, you can read it for yourself. I hope you enjoy it! (It has gotten some pretty good ratings, not that I'm bragging.)

(Fine, I'm bragging. Only a little.)


It's going to be a little bit different next month. Instead of two posts, one in the beginning and one in the middle, every Sunday I am going to be posting a book trailer of my own design! The subject? Stormlock.

This is all way better than it sounds. See you then!

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