Lab Rules

Oh no. Your cursor has revealed this poster's alt text, tripping the Forbidden Security Measures that will melt our computers--and yours--into puddles of slag. Your only hope is to email me ( with the subject line "False Alarm: Squid-monster Neutralized", and then go check out the Lab Rules site (link provided below). Hurry! The clock has already started! Stop reading this alt text and get to work!

In addition to my regular writing, I also am the head writer/artist for the cartoon blog Lab Rules, starring Snake (top right), Turtle (bottom left), Pi-Rat (bottom right), Dr. Geeko (top left), and the hapless humans Emmy and Joe. The blog posts new comics every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and--while they confirm that I am no artist--the jokes are pretty good. That is, if you can live through them...


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