Project Stormlock

Meet the first part of the my book series project:

In case you haven’t noticed, elemental wizards haven’t been around for a while.

This is the future. The wars of the world’s empires have left much of earth a wasteland. The wealthy have holed up in their fortress-manors. Few villages and fewer cities survive. And, worst of all, there are no wizards anywhere.
Until now. A scientist has located an ancient and mysterious vault, and amongst its documents is the formula to recreate the powerful elementals. It has been a long time since the last one was alive, though, so long that we’ve forgotten how they work. They’ll have to be tested.
They have the facility—Stormlock. Now they need the test subjects.
Zamrenom Corsello is among the chosen. A clever slave in a fortress estate will accept an offer to escape, to come and reshape the world. To become a wizard. But Stormlock is hardly a controlled testing environment—the trials are challenging, the surroundings can prove deadly, and the facility’s AI sometimes goes a bit…berserk. Not to mention there’s no guarantee the fellow test subjects will even cooperate to survive.
Secrets lie inside every chamber. You’ll need weapons. You’ll need skills. Zam will need his awesome hat.
The tests have begun.

What Readers Are Saying

“After reading Stormlock I was really impressed. For one I read the entire book in a single day, which is something I haven’t done for a long time. I really love how developed all of the characters are…how you put all four of the key characters in the same situation and had them react in different ways.”
- B. K. (one of the early test-readers)

“I found this story to be very entertaining. Being in the author's target range, I thought the story had a very dynamic protagonist, Zam, and a very compelling plot and characters. I enjoyed reading about the different settings, especially Stormlock, and someone can tell that the author put a lot of love into his characters and story by the way he wrote it. It's very relatable, even as science fiction, and the reader can root for Zam, Sao, Argo, and Alicia as they learn more about their powers. This is definitely a page turner for YA readers and those that are huge fans of science fiction!”
- Catherine Kopf, from Inkitt, author of To Dream

“This is a fantastic read. It sunk its hooks into me from the beginning and didn't let go. From the unique plot to the humorous characters, this entire story was fascinating...While the testing thing is overdone in most stories of this genre, I think that you do a good job of giving it a unique twist. The characters were my favorite part of this story. I loved Zam and his character. He was a good blend of intelligence and humor. Seeing the story told from his perspective made it very entertaining to read.”
- Alex Rushmer, from Inkitt, author of Hack

Stormlock: Activation is currently a complete manuscript of 21 chapters and about 72,000 words. In fact, the next two books of the Stormlock series (Stormlock; Simulation and Stormlock: Confrontation) have complete second-draft manuscripts and similar word counts at this point, so my books have the added advantage of being edited as a whole for a better overall story. The complete first manuscript is available on Inkitt (copyrighted, of course), but only 100 copies are available. However, those copies are FREE, so if you like reading and reviewing books, your support would be awesome!

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